conversation with a friend today…

me: “wait did i really get fat or were you just being a douche?”

him: *silence* *slight smirk*

me: “well am i like fat, or just meatier?”

him: “ya i guess just meaty”

me: *FAKE LAUGH* *pretends i don’t care and that it’s funny*

yeah, that’s not cool.

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diggin' your blog. keep it up <3

thank you beautiful =] i will check yours out as well!


first day back on “it”. whatever IT is. I guess back on my “diet”.


  • breakfast: apple, tiny bit of yogurt.
  • lunch: 2 rice cakes, tuna+lowfat cottage cheese on it, 8 carrots, 2 dried plums
  • dinner: 5 tatter tots

came out to about 500

which is too much

but it’s a good start.

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i want to lose 20 pounds too. i feel like such shit tonight. how old are you? wanna do it togehter

yes yes yes. i’m 19. you?¬†

what “method” are you using to lose weight?

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Is walking good excercise for weight loss?

yes i heard somewhere that you burn fat by walking and running gains muscle 

this is my first time on this tumblr in 2 months..

i’ve gained weight, and actually been called fat for the first times in my life.

i want to lose 20 pounds.

and i will.

wish me luck.

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